Our innovation will help you do right investment and get good profit.
Our expertise will lead you a shortcut
in design processing line and choose suitable products.

Our perfect service will offer you technical assistance in the nearest time when you have any problems.

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Shandong Light M&E Co.,Ltd is a provincial company. We are the professional manufacturer and seller of extrusion machinery and packaging machinery. Our products include food extruder, plastic extruder, packaging machinery and cold-food machinery etc..

We have concentrated on the production, the technique improvement and the selling of the extruder machinery for a long time . Our products can work stably with their excellent quality and performance. We can improve and upgrade our technique according to our clients? demand. While paying attention to the quality of our products, we constantly strengthen the development and innovation of the technique. So we can satisfy different clients demands on the technique .
Our after-sale service staff have
worked in our company for many
years.They have good
techniqueand experience
of adjusting theequipment.
In a short time, they
can make your equipment .......

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